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35 cents per board foot or $60 per hour

Two separate rates may apply to sawing; a board footage rate or an hourly rate. A board foot is defined as a 1 foot square that is 1 inch thick. A 2"x6"x10' board would equal 5 board feet. Whether we charge by the board foot rate or by the hourly rate is dependent upon the logs to be sawed and the desired cut list. 

Example 1: Short, narrow, or highly irregular logs take as much or more time to saw than larger, more uniform saw logs, and yield far less board footage. Therefore, logs of this nature are charged at an hourly rate. 

Example 2: The clients requested cut list calls for 2" thick live edge planks from an entire log. It takes a relatively shorter amount of time to saw this way because there is no turning of the log. There is a fair amount of board footage in a single 2" thick plank that is as wide as the log.  For these reasons, the client benefits more so from an hourly rate rather than a board footage rate. 

No two portable sawing jobs are alike. We will meet with the client prior to sawing to evaluate the logs, estimate board footage, and formulate a plan.